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Optimum’s on-the-go solution detailed, AmiN.O. Energy RTD lands at the Vitamin Shoppe

Optimum Nutrition's premixed AmiN.O. Energy detailed

Optimum Nutrition recently revealed their premixed AmiN.O. Energy. Previewing the supplement in two 16 fl oz flavors, watermelon wave and orange blast. Initially we didn’t have a facts panel to go off, but assumed the brand were going to stick with their powder formula. As it turns out Optimum have kind of done that, keeping AmiN.O. Energy’s energy blend intact, and making a few tweaks to the amino acid matrix. The RTD’s edited complex comes in at the exact same weight of 5g, although differs in it’s range and order of ingredients. Listing taurine, CarnoSyn, BCAA peptides (hydrolzyed whey isolate, leucine, isoleucine, valine), Sustamine glutamine, l-citrulline peptides (citrulline, hydrolyzed whey isolate), arginine and tyrosine. To add to today’s detailing of the AmiN.O. Energy RTD. Optimum’s on-the-go solution has also now been spotted as in stock at the Vitamin Shoppe, where the product is currently listed at $32.99 for 12 bottles.

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