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Optimum’s supersize Costco exclusive, 70 serving AmiN.O. Energy in just the one flavor

Optimum Nutrition reveal 70 serving Costco exclusive AmiN.O. Energy

Previously Optimum Nutrition’s largest AmiN.O. Energy volume was the big 65 serving tub, available in four of the regular 30 serve’s seven flavors, fruit fusion, orange cooler, concord grape and watermelon. The brand’s latest move sees them go one small step further in terms of size, with the announcement of a new 70 serving AmiN.O. Energy. The latest addition to the trend setting supplement goes a whole five servings more than it’s last biggest bottle, as well as get an even smaller selection of flavors. Like the 65 serve, Optimum’s big 70 scoop does not feature all of the product’s tastes, in fact going with just the one concord grape. To top off the announcement and make more sense of the mammoth AmiN.O. Energy and it’s one flavor, the supplement’s fourth volume is a Costco exclusive. While for some that may not spell convenience, for regular Costco shoppers it does mean great value.

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