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Pharmafreak’s first new one in quite some time, latest freak formula confirmed as Greens Freak

Pharmafreak introduce their latest freak Greens Freak

Greens Freak is the latest supplement from Pharmafreak, coming in as the brand’s first entirely new product in quite sometime. If you couldn’t get it from the name, the supplement is a superfood greens formula featuring a full list of more than 40 top quality ingredients. Some of the promoted contents include 1.5g of Hawaiian spirulina,

a liver support complex, 1g of high-CGF chlorella, a probiotic culture matrix, as well as 1.5g of alfalfa, barley and wheat Grass. In total there are exactly nine different proprietary blends, a little more than your average greens product putting Greens Freak right up there with some of the best. While the new Pharmafreak formula is showing up now here late in June. It’s not expected to arrive for another month, with an estimated time of arrival set sometime in August.

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