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Pro Supp changing the face of pre-workouts, premixed preview expected to be Hyde shot

Pro Supps teasing what looks to be a premixed Hyde energy shot

According to Pro Supps they are set to change the face of pre-workouts forever. It is a bold statement, one that the brand are promoting alongside a blurred out picture of a premixed bottle. While Pro Supps have yet to reveal anything aside from their confident words and darkened image. We do believe their upcoming supplement isn’t going to be as life changing as it sounds. Despite the brand not revealing anything, the product in the image definitely looks like an RTD bottle, that much is clear. There is also a name that can be made out on the bottle, or at least it’s last two letters ‘DE’. Of course all this is based on what we can see, with no official words coming from Pro Supps. But we do have a strong feeling that we are looking at a premixed Hyde, most likely an energy shot variant. We should get a better idea of what exactly the supplement is in the coming weeks. As the brand are actually promising their new product or new form of a current product, for sometime in July.

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