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First major chicken protein set for September, Italian based 4+ Nutrition teasing Hydro CPI+

4+ Nutrition tease the first major chicken protein powder

As innovative as 4+ Nutrition’s supplements have been in the past, their latest has to be one of their most interesting. Based on what has been released we know the title of the product is CPI+ (or CP+), with Hydro preceding it. The other piece of information our favorite Italian company has dropped links the new formula to chicken. Which once we took a closer look at the bottle of the upcoming 4+ supplement, we realized relates to the fact that CPI+ is likely to be a premium chicken protein powder. There aren’t any clues in the brand’s teaser image that make it official, there are however enough to make us 99% sure we are looking at a chicken protein. For those that haven’t heard of chicken sourced protein, it is something we’ve seen before, although this would be the first time a major company has shown any interest. While 4+ are currently teasing their one of a kind product for release sometime in September. The Italian based brand have confirmed a few of it’s formula numbers to see fans through, with zero sugar, fat, lactose and less than 1g of carbohydrates per serving.

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