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An inside look at the kings of customer service, Black Market talk about their Praise Circle

Black Market Labs let fans in on their Praise Circle

While most blog posts from companies highlight new supplements or developments. In fact almost every blog post we’ve ever seen from brand is just that. Black Market Labs, being the honestly driven team that they are have posted about something a little different. The brand have opened up their doors to fans, giving them a look at one of the many team building activities that goes on at Black Market. The activity is called Praise Circle, where just as it’s titled, the entire team gets together to form a circle where they praise one another. The torch goes round for one hour and every individual gets to share who they feel deserves kudos for something they did or are currently doing well. We definitely suggest if you have the time, head on over to Black Market’s blog to read the full piece, as it is a great behind the scenes glimpse at the kings of customer service.

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