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Pursuit Rx same ingredients new look, Crossfit based brand reveals tiger eyes theme

Dymatize's Pursuit Rx reveal their brand new look

Pursuit Rx first broke out on to the scene early last year in May, as a Crossfit driven spin off of Dymatize Nutrition’s. While we have not seen the brand really introduce anything since their launch, sticking with the same four supplements Recovery Blend, Whey Protein, Fish Oil and Pre Workout. Pursuit are finally looking to bring something new to market sometime soon. Unfortunately what they have planned is not a new product, nor is it a new variant like we saw late last year with the brand’s trial sizes. Coming soon is actually a rebranding, that fans will definitely need to get familiar with as it is big a jump from their current look. Pursuit are set to go from their textured looking gray, black and red theme to a much more colorful individual color palette backed by a close up grayscale image of a tiger. The brand’s website has yet to reflect the updated labels, so there is a good chance the rebranding will transition in over time, as opposed to moving in immediately.

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