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Stim free EVL fat burner detailed, Lean Mode hints at stimulant based weight loss formula

EVLution Nutrition reveal their upcoming stimulant free Lean Mode

While EVLution Nutrition did just kick off the build up to a supplement, which at this point in time we only know what flavors it is coming in. Information on the fat burner the brand have been teasing here and there, has now been released. The official title of the product is Lean Mode, a stimulant free weight loss solution made up of five different transparently dosed ingredients. The first four features all weigh in at 500mg each with garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, CLA, and acetyl l-carnitine, with the fifth ingredient being green tea leaf dosed at 250mg. The five piece stimulantless combination squeezes in to a three capsule serving, working out to be 50 servings per full size 150 capsule Lean Mode bottle. The new EVL information definitely makes for an exciting next few months, it also adds to the case of the mystery flavored formula the brand have coming. As Lean Mode being stimulant free, puts the possibility of a stimulant based fat burner high up on the list with the two almost always coming hand in hand.

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