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New Evogen team member not Phil Heath, Hany introduces his sixth supplement Carnigen

Evogen confirm built up team member to be their new supplement Carnigen

During the build up to today’s announcement of Phil Heath’s Gifted Nutrition, Hany Rambod’s Evogen teased that they had a new team member due to be revealed today as well. While we just couldn’t see it happening, the coach and the athlete finally getting together. A number of people matched up the dates and teasers and assumed it was Phil going to Evogen. In the brand’s defense they have introduced a new team member today, however it is not an athlete but a supplement. The name of the product is Carnigen, which based on it’s name and highlights looks to be a carnitine based formula. Outside of it’s title we do also know that the supplement is raspberry lemonade flavored with 90 servings per 126g tub, weighing in at just 1.4g a serve. As always Evogen have combined their announcement with a rough idea on release. Giving fans a maximum wait time of around two and half months, putting the product out somewhere in September.

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