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Gaspari Nutrition muscle builder on it’s way out, replacement for 2012’s Anatropin in the works

Gaspari Nutrition's Anatropin on the way out with it's replacement in the works

For those that can remember back to 2012, Gaspari Nutrition were on a bit of spree, releasing a number of great and now well known supplements with Detonate, AminoLast, and one of our favorites Anatropin. Of the group two have carried on their careers to this day, with Detonate falling off then getting reformulated for this year’s Detonate XT. Some may have noticed though that the 2012 testosterone booster Anatropin is now slowly dropping out of stores, with very few left listing it. While it still may be available, it turns out the product’s days are indeed numbered. Gaspari have confirmed that our #2 muscle builder is in fact on it’s way out. For most, the news might not come as much of a surprise as Anatropin in most places it is in stock, is listed as expired. Despite it’s numbers dwindling in stockists, fans do not need to worry as the brand are currently working on it’s replacement. Gaspari have not confirmed a name, effects or anything, we do however know it has some big shoes to fill.

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