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New Aminomax and SizeOn bottles uploaded, Gaspari holding on to SuperMax after update

Gaspari Nutrition update their website's products section

If you take a quick look at Gaspari’s website, it may look just as it always has, with the same color scheme and layout. Once however you look a little deeper, in particular the brand’s products section, you will notice some modifications have been made. Gaspari have in fact finally made the change from old to new, removing almost every one of their 2012 branded supplement images. The online update has seen the upload of new pictures for Aminomax 8000, BCAA 600, and SizeOn Maximum Performance. Something else fans may notice is that Gaspari have put together an alternate look for the products section, as well as for each of their individual pages. It is also worth mentioning that when we said ‘almost every one’ of the brand’s products we did mean almost. As despite Myofusion Elite and Probiotic expected to be dropped while the new Myofusion Advanced slowly takes over. The two older protein powders have not been removed from Gaspari’s website. Another supplement that didn’t get the boot along with Anatropin, was the pre-workout SuperPump Max. Which after seeing it stick around for so long, could very well stay with the brand without a label update.

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