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Gaspari’s other Probiotic also on the out, Real Mass sequel due to arrive this fall

Gaspari Nutrition confirm a sequel to Real Mass Probiotic

Yesterday we got confirmation from Gaspari Nutrition about the future of their still available in some places, Myofusion Probiotic and Myofusion Elite. Word is once they run out they will not be restocked with the new Myofusion Advanced taking their place as the brand’s mainstream protein solution. With all that said, you may be wondering if anything is going to happen to Real Mass Probiotic, seeing as Myofusion Probiotic is soon to be no more. As it turns out Gaspari do in fact have a sequel mass protein in the works, which since we have no title for at the moment we’re just going to call Real Mass 3. While the supplement has only been listed as coming soon without any kind of peak at what it’s all about. Gaspari are promising a fall release, putting the product out a little after the Olympia with hopefully a preview at the big event in September.

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