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Gaspari make it five for their pre-workout, gets blue SuperPump 3.0

Gaspari launch their fifth SuperPump 3.0 flavor with blue raspberry

Back when Gaspari Nutrition launched their 3rd generation pre-workout supplement SuperPump 3.0, they introduced it in three flavors. Lemon ice, strawberry kiwi and watermelon blast, with a fourth said to be going exclusively to the Vitamin Shoppe in mocha chocolate cafe. While we have yet to see that unique number hit the Vitamin Shoppe, the retailer has shown up with fruit punch, a taste we can’t seem to find anywhere else. Despite what was promised, a fifth flavor has been released with Gaspari handing over yet another exclusive to The option is the common blue raspberry, officially joining the online store’s list of options at number four. Unfortunately the new taste is not available with’s current promotion. Which means if you are interested in blue raspberry SuperPump 3.0, your $32.97 will not get you a free five serving of Gaspari’s Aminolast.

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