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Updated GU Brew now available direct, more flavors with little change to contents

GU Energy introduce their updated GU Brew

Endurance based GU Energy have introduced another new item for the year, with the supplement this time around actually seeing the brand upgrade a current product. The formula of interest is the electrolyte and hydration supplement GU Brew, which GU appear to have made the most changes to on the outside. While the product does seem to have received a few edits internally with slightly less carbohydrates and calories. It is Brew’s change in menu and look that gets your attention. Compared to it’s predecessor GU’s new on the go formula does keep over it’s sizes, a tub and single serving sachets. However the tub now comes in a mix of six flavors, lemon tea, watermelon, blueberry pomegranate, orange, lemon lime and the conveniently unflavored variant tastefully nude. As for the sachets GU are now doing stick packs, although only in four of the tub’s six flavors leaving off orange and tastefully nude. Like with every other release from the brand, if the hydration supplement and it’s all new appearance do grab your attention. GU’s direct store is the place to go, as they do already have the updated Brew in stock with $18 for the tub and $32.40 for a stick pack box.

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