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CLA Core and Cleanse back online, Muscle Pharm left with six supplements to come

Muscle Pharm's CLA Core and Fitmiss Cleanse back online

For those that have been following along with the many developments over at Muscle Pharm. Despite all their reveals and releases with the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Iron Test and the two new Fitmiss additions Tyte and Z-Slim PM. A couple of products, two in fact, had disappeared from Muscle Pharm’s websites leaving mysterious gaps in the brand’s ranges. The two supplements were the basic CLA Core and detox system Fitmiss Cleanse. While we were left scratching our heads wondering where the two went, both have now magically reappeared on Fitmiss and Muscle Pharm’s sites respectively. The returns officially put Fitmiss back up to a total of eight products and Muscle Pharm on seven for their Core Series. To add to today’s update for the last day of the week we will list out the many other items the athlete’s company have lined up. In total we have three new supplements, Combat Isolate Zero, Combat Crunch which is due September 1st, the aforementioned Arnold Iron Test, and three flavors. Cherry limeade Assault, chocolate MuscleGel and taste number 12 for Muscle Pharm’s Combat Protein with strawberry cheesecake.

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