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Muscle Pharm looking at another 25% extra, 2.5lb 33 serving chocolate Combat pictured

2.5lb Muscle Pharm Combat pictured in chocolate

With already a lot going over at Muscle Pharm, especially in their protein powder department. An image promoting a fifth size of their original protein product has surfaced. On top of all the other recent and coming Combat releases which includes the protein bar Combat Crunch, Combat Casein, Combat Isolate Zero, as well as all Muscle Pharm’s new flavors. The athletes company’s look to be launching a 25% more Combat Protein Powder. The weight of the new volume as seen in the promotional picture above is 2.5lb, packing 33 servings, and being shown off in just the one flavor, chocolate. While size, servings, a menu is all we have right now, it would be good to assume that if this 2.5lber is something Muscle Pharm go through with. It may not be headed to every stockist, as if it’s anything like the brand’s other 25% extra Combat it’s likely to be someone’s exclusive.

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