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Two of Muscle Pharm’s latest review, peach swirl Combat creative but light on flavor

Review of Muscle Pharm's mint chocolate chip and peach swirl Combat

With four flavors added to Muscle Pharm’s Combat over the past couple of months, in peach swirl, mint chocolate chip. The taste we recently reviewed cinnamon bun, and the brand’s most recently released flavor strawberry cheesecake. We figured it would be well worth picking up some of the new Combat tastes and taking them for a spin. While we would have grabbed strawberry cheesecake had the store we purchased mint chocolate chip and peach swirl from stocked it. We do at least have two flavor reviews for you today, covering one of Muscle Pharm’s most innovative efforts, and arguably one of their best.

First up is peach swirl, which to be honest we have never actually had a peach protein before. Our fruity protein powder experiences only stretch as far strawberry, banana and orange. Essentially this is a new one for us, and will no doubt be a new one for a lot of others, as Muscle Pharm’s peach Combat is one of the only peach whey proteins we actually know of. With that said, when you taste the product it becomes quite obvious why no one else has made the effort. Straight off the bat, the athlete company’s recipe is definitely one of the lightest protein flavors we’ve ever had. When you first smell it, peach swirl is in fact the last thing that comes to mind. It has a very bland aroma to it, one that is carried over to the flavor’s taste on that very first sip. Fortunately the flat smell and flavor disappears as the unique option makes it’s way down. Where you will then sense the peach, and be left with the title aftertaste. The downside to it all is that as mentioned, the Combat variant is very light on flavor, and that’s even if it’s concentrated. Whether you dilute a scoop up to 12oz or down to 4, the peach portion will remain consistent in strength. Which when taken at convenience or without much attention, can unfortunately go unnoticed.

The second taste we have for review today is mint chocolate chip, and yes we have saved the best for last. While peach swirl Combat was possibly one of the weakest yet most creative protein efforts we’ve experienced, Muscle Pharm’s mint chocolate recipe definitely makes up for it. Right from the first smell of the chocolaty variant, you will pick up on it’s dash of mint. That quickly translates into the first sip, as well as right throughout drinking the product, finishing off with a minty climax. There actually isn’t much else to say other than that Muscle Pharm really nailed this one. The effort brings over the brand’s very milk chocolate like milk chocolate, and features just the right amount of mint. We would even go as far as saying that the addition of mint amplifies the heavy dose of chocolate, making the flavor seem like a richer kind of chocolate. For those that are worried about chocolate being the more dominant of the two title tastes. It is indeed a chocolate protein with mint thrown in the mix, however at no point will the refreshing herb not be present.

As mentioned at the beginning of our review. Peach swirl has to be one of Muscle Pharm’s most creative flavors, more so since it’s not an option you’ll find on your common whey protein powder menu. Mint chocolate chip on the other hand isn’t exactly a creative release, but easily one of their best efforts. To sum the two up, if you are interested in peach Combat you may be slightly disappointed. It’s not that Muscle Pharm failed, just that the taste doesn’t seem to have been perfected. Fortunately mint chocolate chip is a much higher quality recipe, delivering an experience mint fans can look forward to, chocolate addicts can appreciate, and protein lovers can rely on.

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