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Muscle Pharm reveal another for the big year, 6 flavor Amino1 RTD previewed without arrival

It has been a year of new supplements for Muscle Pharm with more sizes, flavors and products in the first half of 2014 then we saw in the whole of 2013. While we may have expected the athlete’s company to slow down in the area of new releases after Combat Casein, Combat Isolate Zero, Combat Crunch and all the others. The brand have in fact gone on to reveal yet another upcoming product, an Amino1 RTD. The premixed supplement was originally previewed in a rather small image, with now a much larger picture letting us know exactly what’s on it’s way. From what can be seen it appears Muscle Pharm are looking at bottling all six Amino1 flavors, each themed in the color of the taste rather than the green we’re used to. The only downside to the big news is that there is no mention of when the Amino1 RTD will make it’s way out, putting it in the pile of quite a while away or possibly even never.

Update: Larger image now uploaded

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