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Muscletech’s 21st Essential hits the US, Platinum 100% Beef Protein now available

Muscletech's 21st Essential Platinum Beef Protein now on sale

While recent promotional material suggested we may never see Muscletech’s 21st Essential Platinum 100% Beef Protein on US shelves. Coincidentally the supplement has now shown up on sale at the store that launched the brand’s basic line, Despite the product not being on Muscletech’s website, the retailer have it listed with 24g of protein, 3g of carbohydrates (1g fiber), and 110 calories. With the one flavor on the menu double dutch chocolate, in two sizes a 28 serving 2lb priced at $26.99 and and 58 4lb at $47.99. Thanks to previous previews we do know there is another Platinum Beef taste with vanilla caramel, but despite having just the one flavor. The presence does confirm the product’s US availability and the official contents of it’s 33g scoop.

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