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Muscletech cement their 19th Essential online, Platinum Beef officially a part of the family

Muscletech's Platinum Beef Protein officially uploaded

It’s nothing major, more so now that Muscletech’s 21st Essential Series supplement is hitting more and more stockists every day. But the brand’s most recently released product Platinum 100% Beef Protein has now been added to their website, cementing it’s existence. Previously both the beef formula and the unflavored Iso Zero were left out online, suggesting they may have been exclusives to stores or areas. Despite early speculation the duo have hit enough stores to confirm they are indeed available to everyone. The only two left unaccounted for are the Arnold Classic previews Platinum Gakic and Platinum Test Booster. We have asked our contact over at Muscletech for a little more information, but have still yet to receive anything back. With more than enough images actually showing off the supplements, and the brand’s fifth generation Gakic not being one they’re likely to let go of. We feel there is either a lot more to the story, or the products were just put in posters as possibilities or space fillers.

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