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Beta testing supplement Project Swol, Nutrabolics preview their new pre-workout

Nutrabolics preview their beta testing supplement Project Swol

Our last post on Nutrabolics brought a look at the brand’s upcoming RTD, a canned RTD in fact of their weight loss supplement Thermal XTC. Going from pill to powder, then premixed, we now move to an entirely new product Nutrabolics have coming currently going by the name Project Swol. The bottle in the picture shows off an untitled flavored formula, that appears to be a part of a Nutrabolics beta testing program. While the face of the sample supplement doesn’t give too much away, the image was released with a couple of highlights that do provide enough of a description. Project Swol is of course a pre-workout powder, which also features patented ingredients, clinical doses, a fully transparent formula with single scoop dosing. Based on all that and the beta testing name, there is a good chance we are looking at a Swollen sequel, if not, it may just be a product with a different name. But definitely a competitor in the same category as Nutrabolics Swollen, currently the brand’s best entry in the competitive pre-workout category.

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