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Nutrex start their tease for August 19th, Adipodex and Hibern8 named in shaded image

Nutrex tease Adipodex and Hibern8 for August 19th

After a rush of build ups from a number of supplement companies last month, and some this month. The excitement continues to run with Nutrex throwing their hat in the ring, promising something big. The brand’s latest teaser hints at the coming of two new supplements, which do have their titles shaded out. But with a little lighting you can see what looks to be Adipodex, and either Hiberd8 or the more logical Hibern8. While their names can not be confirmed, with our guesses based on common top halves of letters. The only other details we know are that Adipodex is a one daily dose formula, and Hibern8 is clinically dosed. Based on their titles we are going to assume that Adipodex is some kind of fat burner, and Hibern8 we want to say sleep aid, although being clinically dosed it could be a number of things. Any guess at this point in time is as good ours, in four weeks however all will be revealed. As Nutrex are promising the two for Tuesday August 19th.

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