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Nutrex launch their latest with buy 2 get 1, Stim-Free Lipo 6 available direct at $29

Nutrex Lipo 6 Stim-Free available direct with a buy 2 get 1 free deal

Early last week Nutrex released the facts panel for their new stimulant free fat burner Lipo 6 Stim-Free. It essentially confirmed what we already suspected, with the supplement turning out to be a yohimbine, syneprhine and caffeineless product. The brand did also do the honorable thing and replace each of the features they took out, making sure fans weren’t left with half a supplement. The latest from Nutrex now has Lipo 6 Stim-Free on sale, with a buy two get one free offer. The promotion isn’t available at any stockist, it is actually a direct deal dropping the brand’s high direct price of $44.95 down to just $29.96 a bottle. Despite the cost working out to be about 33% cheaper than normal, it’s still not as good as what we expect to see Lipo 6 Stim-Free at when it launches in stores. With that said however, we have yet to see the product become available anywhere other than direct. Justifying that little extra cost as the price fans pay to get in early.

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