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Latest from Performax launched at Nutraplanet, stack CreMax creatine for just 60 cents a day

Performax Lab's new CreMax now available at Nutraplanet

It was just over a month ago that Performax Labs revealed their fourth supplement, the complex creatine formula CreMax. We were actually fortunate enough to be able to give that product away two weeks later, before it was even available on shelves. This week Performax’s latest has now been released going on sale at the one place that does it best for the brand, Nutraplanet. The 30 serving CreMax has officially gone online at the popular launch store for the regular cost effective price of $17.99. There doesn’t appear to be any signature introductory Nutraplanet deal just yet, which doesn’t mean that there’s not one on the way. However at $18 a bottle, and each full size tub packing a months supply, it is just 60 cents a day to add the supplement to your stack.

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