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Strawberry kiwi takeover has begun, Performax new FitMax taste launched at Nutraplanet

Nutraplanet launch Performax Lab's new US Fitmax flavor strawberry kiwi

Earlier in the month Performax Labs confirmed that they would finally be following through on their promise of another FitMax flavor before we move into August. The taste to be added to the supplement’s menu was said to be the previously Australian exclusive strawberry kiwi, which has now made it’s way into the US before the month is out, as promoted. The place it has gone online is one of Performax’s biggest stockists Nutraplanet, who have currently got it right beside FitMax’s original taste fruit punch. For those that tuned in earlier this month, you will know that the new flavor is in fact not just another option, but actually fruit punch’s replacement. With strawberry kiwi now in stock, it would be good to assume that the takeover process has begun. So whether you’re after Performax’s new FitMax flavor or it’s soon to be discontinued one, head on over to Nutraplanet.

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