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Performax exclusive on it’s way to the US, fruit punch FitMax soon to be replaced

Performax Labs confirm kiwi stawbery for the US

Yesterday we gave away a tub of Performax Lab’s energizing supplement FitMax, in it’s Australian exclusive flavor kiwi strawberry. In our giveaway post we also mentioned that as previously promised the brand are still planning on bringing the taste over to the US. As it so happens the time has come, with Performax confirming that the second FitMax flavor is due to go on sale here later in the month. To add to the news not only is the arrival going to finally give local fans a chance to purchase kiwi strawberry. But it is also soon going to be the only taste on FitMax’s menu. Performax have said that when the supplement’s second does land it will in fact phase out fruit punch, leaving the brand’s formula with just the one option. As always the place to watch for the latest from Performax is Nutraplanet, who are expected to be getting kiwi strawberry FitMax before the month is out.

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