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PES add to another popular supplement, third Amino IV coming in an Insider release

PES confirm a third flavor for Amino IV and tease an early Insider release

While PES have just confirmed a second volume for their extremely popular and well flavored protein powder Select Protein, with a more than double size 55 serving jug. The brand are already on to adding to another product, moving their focus on to the BCAA + EAA formula Amino IV. Instead of introducing a second size for the supplement, this time around PES are looking to add to the product’s menu. At the moment Amino IV is available in just two fruity flavors, blueberry burst and cherry limeade. The new taste the brand have announced and is set to make it three for the supplement, is another classic recipe with watermelon splash. For now PES are only teasing watermelon Amino IV as coming soon. They are however also warning fans to be on the look out next week for an early bird release, that will of course only be available to members of the brand’s Insider group.

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