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Quest unveil their new #cheatclean solution, soy free Protein Chips coming in 3 flavors

Quest Nutrition unveil their latest release, new Protein Chips

Quest Nutrition have built up to this one as well as you’d expect them to, with today finally unveiling the brand’s latest innovation. It turns out as expected the new Quest supplement, making it product line number four for the brand, is in fact Protein Chips. The new addition to the brand has been confirmed in a total of two flavors, sea salt, cheddar sour cream, barbecue, with each bag of the product weighing in at 32g. While high protein chips aren’t exactly anything new, as mentioned in yesterday and today’s Quest ambassador video. The brand’s creation features a number of interesting highlights being gluten and soy free, baked and never fried, with 21g of protein per bag alongside a low carbohydrate count of 5g and 120 calories. Today’s big Quest Nutrition reveal hasn’t brought any official launch date for stores. It has however come with news of pre-ordering opening up in about two hours time, presumed to be through the brand’s own website.

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