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Stoppani supplement stack officially complete, Pro Jym and Vita Jym hit

Jim Stoppani's Pro Jym and Vita Jym now available at

As promised Jim Stoppani’s fourth and fifth Jym supplements have arrived and gone on sale at their exclusive retailer. Last week Stoppani said both Pro Jym and Vita Jym would be hitting this week, which they have indeed done officially completing the Jym stack. The protein powder Pro Jym has been launched with a price tag of $31.92 for the 23 to 26 serving 2lb, and 46 to 52 serving 4lb at $53.98. As for Stoppani’s other new product the multi-vitamin Vita Jym, it has been valued at the rather competitive price of $20.76 for the full size 30 serving 60 tablet bottle. With both supplements now available, Stoppani has finally got all the bases covered with a pre-workout, post-workout, fat burner, and the two from today, protein powder and multi-vitamin. Stoppani has yet to confirm if five is the magic number for his Jym product line, although if he does decide to go on, there are very few categories left for him to venture in to.