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4+ Nutrition teasing two for September, number 15 and 16 for Whey+ kept undercover

4+ Nutrition teasing two new Whey+ flavors for September 18th

At last count 4+ Nutrition were at a menu total of 14 for their mainstream protein powder Whey+, with the most recent release being white chocolate from back in March. While the one addition is all the brand have done for the supplement so far this year, in a few weeks they are due to double that effort. The Italian based 4+ have confirmed that they do in fact have two new flavors on the way, both of which have yet to be revealed. With some brands we do tend to take guesses, as looking at what a menu’s missing sometimes points you in the right direction. In the case of 4+ it’s not really worth the time, as we are talking about a product with 14 tastes already to it’s name. Whey+’s menu also actually brings a whole new meaning to the word unique with rare recipes like choco pear, nougat and yogurt coffee. It’s because of one of a kind flavors like that we’re not willing to take a guess at what 4+  Nutrition have coming. Although it is also the same reason we’re excited to find out what the two are, with the brand’s unveiling set for September 18th.

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