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Beta-Test formula shows signs of pump, ANS Performance no longer listing Dilate

ANS Performance product looking like a pump pre-workout

Late last week we took a few guesses at what ANS Performance’s beta-test supplement could be. While it is suggested to be taken pre-workout we said we didn’t notice any stimulating effects, so wrote it off as maybe a muscle builder of some sort. With that said, after seeing some comments from fans on Facebook, the idea of the ANS formula being a pump pre-workout sparked our interest. Initially we didn’t even think about the brand trying to go that route, as they already deliver a solid pump performance in their #1 science based pre-workout Ritual. It is difficult to say as we may need to run it a few more times, but following a few workouts relying on the beta-test product to deliver a pump, we’re starting to lean more towards the idea. At the moment we’re not anywhere near 100% certain. But we’ve done some high intensity and isolation sessions really trying to bring out the pump, and have noticed an added fullness we don’t believe to be brought on by our own intentions. Two other things that support the theory of an ANS pump pre-workout is that on the label, the brand do not direct you to use the supplement on non-workout days. ANS are also no longer listing their pump pill Dilate on their website or direct store. With those points really pushing us to believe the beta is a pump product, we are going to do a few more sessions before we place our final bet.

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