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APS bring back a fan favorite, White Lightning reformulated and flavored for Australia

APS Nutrition resurrect their DMAA era fat burner White Lightning

A supplement Australian fans will know very well, has managed to make it’s way back to market. The product is APS Nutrition’s energizing fat burner White Lightning, a formula once a part of the legendary DMAA era. The supplement has of course been resurrected with a reformulation bringing a rather ranged 12 piece proprietary blend. APS appear to be aiming for the same kind of results with the new White Lightning, as it features a number of highlights for fat burning and energy. With the likes of raspberry ketones, green coffee, higenamine, and a favorite from both categories, caffeine dosed at 300mg. If you are an APS fan here in the US, for now it looks like the brand are going to be keeping their current formula. Although as per usual those down under will be getting more than an alternate experience, with their’s also being flavored listing three tastes on the menu, lemonade, orange and pineapple. Most of Australia’s major stockists do now seem to be stocking the updated APS White Lightning, including Rock Hard who have it valued at what looks to be the price to pay at $79.95.

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