CTD Labs now officially CTD Sports, major makeover resurrecting original NoxiPro

Aug 11th, 2014
CTD Labs now officially CTD Sports with an entirely new look

CTD Labs fans today may notice that they are no longer CTD Labs fans. They are in fact now CTD Sports fans. The company have officially changed their name, swapping out Labs for Sports. While a new name change is most definitely big news, even if it is just half edited, CTD have not stopped there. The loss of Labs has brought about a website revamp, seeing everyone of the brand’s supplements graphically updated, with an even cleaner bright blue theme. You may also notice another graphic change in CTD’s logo, as the brand have once again switched it up going with circleless 3D text. Furthermore, following the successful release of CTD’s reintroduction of HyperCuts with HyperCuts Chrome. The brand are going to be dropping Chrome from the fat burner’s title, as well as relaunch another fan favorite with the reformulated return of NoxiPro. You can check out all the changes for yourself including the product retitling on CTD’s new website which is now ctdsports.com.

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