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Up and coming Dedicated tease reformulation, BCAA Sensation getting more than a new menu

Dedicated Nutrition reformulating their essential BCAA Sensation

While a lot of our attention has been going to Dedicated Nutrition’s pre-workout supplement Unstoppable. The brand do in fact of other products, one of which we have been able to try, BCAA Sensation. We will of course be reviewing it eventually when we get another sample or two, however as it turns out we may need to hold off for a bit. Dedicated have confirmed, that they are actually in the middle of reformulating their essential supplement. According to the brand they are going to double the amount BCAAs, as well as throw in some exclusive Dedicated ingredients to help increase performance in the gym. Being the top brand that they are, Dedicated’s efforts don’t end there as they are also promising a revamped menu. The tastes being teased for the update are exotic fruit, mango peach and strawberry kiwi orange. One of which can already be found in BCAA Sensation’s current four piece menu, with the others all original. Dedicated are only promising their new formula as coming soon, but with the update in it’s final stages it can’t be too far away.

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