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Europe’s Dedicated Nutrition set to take over, Unstoppable already guaranteed a top five spot

Dedicated Nutrition's pre-workout Unstoppable set to take over

A couple of days ago we seemed to have caused quite the stir with our suggestive social post about a particular pre-workout. The supplement we talked about possibly being our new #1 was Dedicated Nutrition’s appropriately titled Unstoppable. There are very few times we post or talk about a product while it’s being reviewed, this one however definitely deserves the hype and attention. As it stands right now with enough experience using the supplement, and basically just a few extra opinions to come, we can tell you Unstoppable is going to be in our top five. Furthermore, our review of the product isn’t too far away and we are trying to organize a giveaway to go with that review, as at the moment Dedicated can only be found in Europe. Usually a line or formula coming out of that area we don’t expect to perform overly well. Which is probably why we are so blown away with Unstoppable. We initially went in expecting nothing and came out with one of the best pre-workout experiences ever. For more information on the up and coming brand, check out their website at, with distributors and retailers also recommended to check out Dedicated, as they are likely to be picking up and spreading out very soon.

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