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Popular Dymatize isolate gets flavor #10, ISO 100’s cinnamon bun exclusive to

Dymatize Nutrition make it 10 flavors for ISO 100 with cinnamon bun

While we aren’t too sure on when this one was released, Dymatize Nutrition have put together another flavor for their popular whey isolate ISO 100. Following the brand’s two celebratory tastes, birthday cake and fudge brownie from earlier in the year, and the more recent addition orange dreamsicle. Dymatize have now pushed the supplement’s menu up to a total of ten with cinnamon bun. Like ISO’s last three flavors were in the beginning, it’s latest is currently exclusive to the same place those other three were, While the popular online retailer is the only location with cinnamon bun ISO 100, another thing the taste has in common with birthday cake, fudge brownie and orange dreamsicle. Is that it has not been added to ISO’s 3 or 5lb menu, just the smaller 1.6lb’s. The small price difference probably won’t be too much of an issue for fans of the product. Although with that said there is a chance cinnamon bun follows the path of ISO’s 7th, 8th and 9th, eventually getting the more cost effective 5lb option.

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