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Dymatize post-workout beats out pre-workout, M.P.S. now on sale at

Dymatize's new post-workout M.P.S. launched at

While we were expecting both of Dymatize Nutrition’s abbreviated supplements to be arriving at the same time. The brand’s muscle building post-workout M.P.S. has beaten the pre-workout M.P.ACT to the punch. The BCAA, whey isolate, HICA and KIC formula

has been added to a couple of stores, with only one currently listing it in stock, that place being Possibly the most popular retailer on the internet has added one of the latest from Dymatize to their list of products in all three promised flavors, with a price of exactly $27.79. As mentioned M.P.ACT is still without availability, although in M.P.S’s defense it was expected sometime in August putting it right on time. Which in turn could mean Dymatize’s new pre-workout is actually right around the corner.

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