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Hany Rambod teasing another for Glycoject, Evogen’s guessing game could already be over

Evogen teasing another Glycoject flavor which looks to be wild berry

Hany Rambod has started teasing the coming of yet another new flavor for his line, with this time the focus centered around his post-workout GlycoJect. Like with a lot of companies, Evogen have actually asked fans on Facebook to take guesses at the taste, to go in the draw to win a full size tub of the upcoming Glycoject. While a fruity variant is most likely the direction you want to go in with your entry, it does look like the game might be over before it’s even begun. In both a promotional image and on Evogen’s website, a wild berry Glycoject has been spotted. We aren’t exactly loyal followers of the brand, so we did do a little checking around. From what we can see wild berry is more than likely what Evogen are teasing as no store is listing it, with all stocking the three we knew of, cherry, watermelon and unflavored. To see wild berry named for yourself, drop into the brand’s website, or to submit your guess for the Glycoject competition visit Evogen’s Facebook page.

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