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Updated pre-trainer PTF V2 doesn’t compete, review of Gamma Labs sequel pre-workout

Review of Gamma Labs pre-workout sequel PTF V2

PTF V2 is Gamma Lab’s sequel to their original V-less Pre Taining Formula, which was released earlier in the year. The supplement arrived with more than just a brighter looking bottle, seeing the brand increase doses for a number of ingredients as well as introduce five new features. All in all the Gamma product definitely appeared to be an improvement, the only question for fans though was by how much. In our case it was more like how well does it compete, as we never had the pleasure of trying V2’s predecessor. Unfortunately our inexperience with Gamma does mean we won’t be able to tell you if the brand have made any leaps in the pre-workout department. Although on the bright side, today’s review is going to be an honest comparison of Gamma’s PTF and it’s competition.

Based on the formula Gamma’s V2 packs, we were definitely interested in giving the supplement a go. While a label doesn’t always tell the whole story, 300mg of caffeine and a 2.255g citrulline malate led pump blend, had us at least expecting something. For all it’s positives the product isn’t without it’s negatives, seeing a 2.016g blend put CarnoSyn beta-alanine third in line, behind Creapure creatine monohydrate and Creatine Magnapower. Regardless of our thoughts on the contents of Gamma’s new pre-workout, we put it to the test.

After throwing back two full scoops of PTF V2, the maximum dose of the supplement, we were met with an unfortunate realization. Despite the brand being the makers of our favorite out of gym work formula G Fuel, they have not able to deliver an experience as pleasing in the gym. Once the usual amount of time passes after taking the product, around 10 to 20 minutes, it does kind of kick in. You’ll notice you go from tired to alert, or awake to workout ready. However with that said the introductory energy is also where V2 climaxes. The Gamma supplement manages to get that initial lift, but that’s about where it ends. When the energy slowly climbs in, which it will do rather noticeably with quite a bit of strength, it just maintains that level throughout your workout. With most of the top pre-workouts, energy is usually followed by or built on with increased pump, a high level of intensity, and/or a mind altering shot of focus. In the case of V2, the energy is the solo effect, and while we did notice a bit of intensity, it was only in an amount we feel could have been created from our own efforts.

As much as we enjoyed Gamma Lab’s G Fuel, and continue to do so with our own peach mango stash. It’s a bit disappointing to see the makers of one of our favorites, come up short. Generally when we review products we can go on for quite a bit, however PTF V2 really doesn’t give us much to talk about. With just a strong dose of energy, enough to get you going for a workout, and a pinch of intensity, it’s difficult to rave about the supplement.

While we always, and likely to again this time get the comments and questions, did you cycle off stimulants, or maybe you guys are taking too many pre-workouts. We do take time off, as well as make an effort to go back to back with top competitors to compare, for every pre-workout. So even though V2 may work for some, which it undoubtedly will, our opinion is based on what else is out there and what we’ve tried. The product’s top rated energy and bonus intensity do of course prove the Gamma sequel is effective. But in 2014, in one of the most competitive categories around. Pre-workouts need a lot more than an energy hit and a dash of intensity to standout.

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