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New GU more than just another flavor, lemonade Roctane brings elevated electrolytes

GU Energy introduce an elevated electrolyte Roctane

We’ve seen GU Energy add a lot of new flavors to their line lately, with a handful of tastes going to their flagship GU Gel. The brand have now turned their attention to the amino acid infused Roctane Gel, and it’s equally ranged menu. Currently the supplement can not only be found in a variety of flavors, but in two versions, caffeinated and caffeine free. GU’s latest addition to the Roctane range adds to that with a third version, as well as being a new flavor. The name of the taste is lemonade with it’s major difference being an elevated amount of electrolytes. Compared to GU’s other Roctanes, lemonade is caffeine free but really sets itself apart with almost 50% more sodium, an extra 43mg of aminos, and 494mg of ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate. According to the brand the alternate version has been designed for those tougher training sessions and important race days. To get a hold of the new lemonade Roctane, as per usual GU themselves are the first ones to upload the product, with it now in stock on their website at the usual Roctane prices.

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