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Muscle Pharm family photo hides unreleased, Core Series Creatine capsules spotted in back

Creatine capsules previewed in Muscle Pharm family photograph

The latest family photograph of Muscle Pharm’s Hybrid and Core Series supplements has surfaced, showing off a bit of old, a bit of new, and a bit of never before seen. In the picture we can see the first addition to the Combat family with Combat 100% Casein, the upcoming chocolate MuscleGel and even Costco’s exclusive 60 serving fruit punch Amino1. As far as old products go, you’re basically looking at the rest with the exception of one. There is in fact a supplement that has been spotted in Muscle Pharm’s image that isn’t old or new, which we’re classifying as unreleased. It is the capsule bottle the athlete’s company have tucked away in the far right, featuring the same bottom half of Core Creatine’s title as well as it’s subtitle. The brand have not confirmed or pointed out the presumed second Creatine variant, but based on the fact that all of Muscle Pharm’s other supplements are pictured with names on show, and the regular powder Creatine is missing. We’re assuming the brand either put the bottle where it is to help make the image look better, or are keeping it hidden to unveil at a later date.

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