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Muscle Pharm launch two of their 7 serves, sample size Assault and Combats hit

Two of Muscle Pharm's seven serve variants hit

A couple of months ago, seven serving variants for seven of Muscle Pharm’s most popular supplements were confirmed. The brand revealed sample sizes of the Core Series products Creatine and Glutamine, with five Hybrid Series formulas, Shred Matrix, Armor-V, Amino1, Assault and Combat. While we are still on the look out for most of the supplements in their trial sizes, both Assault and Combat have shown up in the seven serve option at With arguably the two biggest sample sachets from Muscle Pharm now out and about, we can’t imagine the other five being too far away. For those looking to get a hold of the new Assault and Combat volumes, you have two options. You can either purchase them from with both valued at $7.99. Or get them free with a 20, 30 or 50 serving tub of Assault getting you two Assault seven serves, and a 2, 4 or 10lb Combat getting you two Combat seven serves.

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