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Remaining Crunch information released, Muscle Pharm get ready for September 1st launch

Facts panel for Muscle Pharm's first protein bar Combat Crunch

Muscle Pharm fan by now should be on the edge of their seat as this coming Monday is not just the first of the month, but the promised launch day for the athlete company’s first edible product. It was in early July that Muscle Pharm confirmed September 1st as the big day for Combat Crunch, releasing images of the supplement and giving the MP Nation a chance to win the product. One week out from the launch of the protein bar, the brand have now released everything you need to know about Crunch including it’s previously left out nutrition facts. Joining the only highlight we knew of in 20g of protein with whey and milk isolate listed as sources, per 63g Muscle Pharm bar Crunch packs 28g of carbohydrates (12g fiber, 5g sugar), 7g of fat (4g saturated, 2g mono, 1g poly) with 210 calories. While we did already know about the two flavors the brand have put together, we didn’t know about the options fans will have when buying one or more bars. Muscle Pharm stockists will of course have the 4th Combat supplement sold individually, as well as in a 12 bar box, however it will also be sold in a two bar variety pack featuring one of each Crunch flavor, chocolate peanut butter cup and chocolate chip cookie dough. The last thing Muscle Pharm have to confirm is as per usual price, which you can count on seeing when the product goes live in six days time.

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