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Muscle Pharm’s third Combat expected soon, Isolate Zero Combat flavors and sizes listed

Flavors and sizes confirmed for Muscle Pharm's Isolate Zero Combat

Muscle Pharm’s Isolate Zero Combat, the product we initially got a look at way back in May, has had it’s status updated to coming quite soon. While the athlete’s company have yet to say anything about the supplement, or even mention it’s existence. The third member of the Combat Protein Powder family was only ever pictured with no look at a label or even it’s list of options. Fortunately a store has actually been kind enough to pass on details of Isolate Zero’s menu and different sizes. In the area of flavors fans are expected to have three tastes to choose from, chocolate swirl, banana split and vanilla ice cream. As for sizes we’ve been told about two tubs, the usual 2lb and a two and a half times larger 5lb. The exact prices will of course be revealed when the product finally hits shelves, which we feel could be quite soon seeing as Muscle Pharm have released Isolate Zero’s list of variants.

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