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Flavorless Muscletech protein now in vanilla, larger Platinum Iso-Zero gets a real taste

Muscletech's flavorless Iso-Zero now available in vanilla

When Muscletech’s 20th Essential surfaced, the brand’s fourth now fifth Platinum protein Iso-Zero. The thing that made it so different was that it is an unflavored ultra clean protein, packing 25g of protein per 27g scoop. The key feature there being that the supplement is unflavored, making it one of the most convenient proteins we’ve ever seen from a major company. While it is still listed in that one tasteless option in most locations, the product has actually surfaced in vanilla. The first real taste for the Muscletech Essential has only shown up for the one size, Iso-Zero’s larger 3lb with just a couple of changes to the formula to incorporate the flavoring. Fans and those after the supplement’s ultra clean formula will be happy to hear that the taste of vanilla will only cost you 10mg more sodium, 0.01mg added iron and an extra gram per serving, working out to a 28g scoop. There are already more than a few stockists listing the second Iso-Zero flavor, proving that it’s definitely not an exclusive.

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