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Mutant launch UK and Europe website, new Micellar Casein included in online update

Mutant launch their new UK and Europe website detailing Micellar Casein

The fans have been demanding it, so it was only a matter of time before Mutant gave those located in the UK and Europe a place to go for all their Mutant products. The worldwide brand have officially launched their new UK and EU website, which actually lists more supplements than any of Mutant’s other area exclusive sites. While it does have a few items uploaded in the gear department with three hats and a bag. It is the unpurchasable list of nutrition products that’s most interesting, in particular the inclusion of Mutant’s new Micellar Casein. The last time we saw the supplement it was in a preview, showing only that it is due in a milk chocolate 4lb tub. The brand’s online update now confirms a second flavor in vanilla ice cream, along with all it’s serving details including 24g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates (2g sugar), 2g of fat (1g saturated) and 140 calories. Being that Mutant’s Micellar Casein can not be purchased like the rest of the brand’s products on their new UK and EU website, there is of course no price. Leaving just the one detail of value to be confirmed, that will no doubt be revealed when Mutant’s latest hits shelves.

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