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SmartShake cooler lands at major stockist, cover your compartment shaker at Supplement Central for just $9

Smartshake's 20oz camo shaker cooler now available at Supp Central

Previously the only place to get SmartShake’s 20oz cooler accessory, was direct from the brand in promotions and from select stores. While there are stockists that have the shaker cover available for purchase, there are only a few. With absolutely no major location listing it,

leaving those interested in throwing the SmartShake accessory in with their month’s purchase $10 richer. Now however the lightweight neoprene cooler has shown up at a place more than worth shopping at in Supplement Central. The store have uploaded the shaker attachment for the small price of $8.95, in the more graphic of it’s two color variations with SmartShake’s camo design.

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