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Jim Stoppani details his sixth supplement, Alpha Jym revealed and due as early as Friday

Jim Stoppani's testosterone booster Alpha Jym revealed and detailed

Back when Jim Stoppani launched his fifth formula, the protein powder Pro Jym, two other areas of interest for Stoppani were mentioned. One of the two was testosterone, which the fitness and nutrition icon has followed through on with his latest product Alpha Jym. Stoppani has today unveiled the supplement, confirming that it is actually already in all of his exclusive retailer’s warehouses, and could be on sale as early as Friday. To go with the Jym product reveal, the latest in the fully transparent line has also had it’s label released. Being that the supplement’s been put together by Jim Stoppani, every feature of course comes with an explanation that can be found in a lengthy Alpha Jym description. For those just after the contents list, in short the product features a total of six ingredients with 500mg of fenugreek, 500mg damiana, 250mg DIM (diindolylmethane), 500mg ashwagandha, 100mg eurycoma longifolia (100:1) and 250mg quercetin. The set of six have all been rolled up into a three capsule serving, with two servings to be taken every day, seeing the 180 capsule bottle last one month. Despite Stoppani saying that Alpha Jym is already at, the online store have yet to list the supplement, even as coming soon. With that said, seeing as the stock is now in the right place, there aren’t many things that can hold Stoppani’s sixth back from actually launching as soon as Friday.