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Alpha Jym follows in the footsteps of Shred, latest from Stoppani sold out in under 6 days

Jim Stoppani's sixth supplement Alpha Jym sold old out in under six days

Since Jim Stoppani launched his sixth supplement, the testosterone booster Alpha Jym. We have been keeping a close eye on the product, just in case it followed in the footsteps of Stoppani’s fat burner Shred Jym, which sold out in three days. Unfortunately for Jym fans and as we expected, while the new supplement did manage to make it through the weekend lasting longer than the weight loss solution. Alpha is now officially out of stock and listed as unavailable at it’s exclusive retailer. The product arrived last Thursday with a very impressive price tag of around a dollar a day, one that may have been too good seeing another Jym supplement sell out in such a short time, at just under six days. Despite it taking twice as long as Shred Jym, selling out any new product in under a week is a feat. The fact that Stoppani has done it twice, really only just shows how loyal his fans and reliable his supplements are.