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Jim Stoppani confirms drop of the box, Post Jym set to split this coming week

Jim Stoppani due to split Post Jym this coming week

Late last week Jim Stoppani confirmed that he will be further dividing his Active Ingredient Matrix and Post Jym Dextrose, by producing the once paired duo in their own individual tubs. We now have a little more information on the move as Stoppani has confirmed that the 30 serving bottles will indeed be replacing the original boxed Post Jym. Seeing as fans will be getting an additional 10 servings per tub, we can only assume the Active variant will be valued quite similar to what Post Jym is at now, and Dextrose obviously quite a bit cheaper. The other piece of information we have on our number one post-workout, is that the supplement is actually almost here. Along with details of the boxed original getting dropped in favor of tubs, Stoppani has told fans to look out for his separated Post Jym partners this coming week. The place they’ll launch is of course going to be Jym’s exclusive stockist, with their arrival technically taking Stoppani’s line to a total of seven products.